A Spatially Intelligent Arts Centre

Mediated Intelligence in Design

The project’s motivation to develop a spatially intelligent building is due to its potential to respond to various threats, such as the current pandemic, as well as opportunities it offers to enable new forms of content creation and sharing for the Arts & Culture Industry. To that end, “intelligent building” is interpreted through two distinct, yet complementary, lenses. One focuses on the operational side of an Arts Centre Building, to explore opportunities to sense, capture and analyse patron activity and movement, to provide practical safety messaging and other opportunities to program the building systems to respond to changing conditions in real-time. The other focuses on the creation of new social, spatial and experiential interactions, distribution channels and consumption modalities (e.g. participation, immersion), through the use of ubiquitous computing. The project ultimately aims to develop tangible prototypes to enable new and hybrid models of sharing culture.

The project is ongoing in collaboration with the Geelong Arts CentreMotionLab and The Hive Lab.

Project web page: https://gac.mindlab.cloud

Stay tuned for further developments and research updates…

Project team: 

Prof. Tuba Kocaturk

Prof. Stefan Greuter

Dr. Rui Wang

Dr. Sofija Kaljevic

Dr. Domenico Mazza

Leroy Clunne-Kiely, Creative Technologist and Artist

Renee McMillan-Tolley, Researcher / Innovations Programmer

Ben Monaghan, Research Assistant