Mediated Intelligence in Design

We explore “User-Centred” innovation in the Built Environment through Intelligent fusion of Design & Technology

Who We Are

MInD Lab is a practice-based research group based in the School of Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin University, located in Geelong – UNESCO designated City of Design. 

We operate at the intersection of Built environment, Information Technology and Design Innovation. We explore the potential of Information Technology, Intelligent data, computation and digital media to create more agile and adaptive solutions for socially, environmentally and economically viable built environment.

Our work advocates the use of “design thinking” and “system thinking” as a methodology for knowledge production (in research and education), and “trans-disciplinary thinking” as a strategy for cross-sector innovation (for the industry).

We strongly believe that Built Environment research cannot be separated from industry or education and the three must come together for the benefit and ultimate progress of our discipline.

Our Expertise


We explore Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and locative media technologies, with practice-based interventions, to transform the representations of space, to create new interactions with information and new workflows.


We are spearheading a leading debate on a global paradigm shift from “product/application” to “system/implication” approach in “Design” and its disruptive and cross-sector innovation potential.


We investigate the transformational power of an IoT connected world and real-time connectivity for the whole building lifecycle and a smart urban ecosystem.


We investigate the role of technology in the augmentation of urban physical spaces with location-specific digital services, products or experiences to create more attractive and memorable places for all.  


We explore user-centred “system design” of intelligent environments responsive to human needs and actions; through sensing capabilities, reasoning mechanisms, actuating capabilities, networking facilities and supporting applications and services.


We explore the rich representational and experiential possibilities offered by immersive media and locative technologies to create powerful sensory narratives of (in)tangible cultural heritage assets.

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Latest News

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Our Projects

Digital Narrative for Placemaking: Diachronic Modelling of the Dennys Lascelles Concrete Wool Store, Geelong

View project

An intelligent Application Framework for Graphene-enabled Surface Sensing Technology in Buildings

View project

Experiencing (In)tangible Heritage through eXtended reality (XR) – Case study of Western Beach, Geelong Waterfront

View project

Smart Surfaces in Buildings – IoT enabled material intelligence

View project

Swarm Intelligence for Public Transportation: towards a de-centralised, self-organising system in smart urbanism

View project

Informed, Intelligent, and Connected – Extended Reality for the Design of Future Cities

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An EXtended Reality (XR) Enabled Immersive Collaboration Framework (IDC) for AEC Workflows

View project

Place Making Using Virtual Environments

View project

P-OET: Pre-Occupancy Evaluation Tool

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Our Team

Dr. Phillip B. Roös

Director of Live+Smart Lab

Prof. Tony Arnel

Deakin Industry Professor

Dr. Sofija Kaljevic

Research Associate

Dr. Rui Wang


Dr. Guang-Li Huang

Research Fellow

Dr. Domenico Mazza

Research Fellow

Dr. Jun Wang


Chun Wang

PhD Student

Angad Nayyar

PhD Student

Dr M. Reza Hosseini

Associate Head of School 

Dr. John Rollo

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Beau B Beza

Associate Head of School

Prof. Seng Loke

Professor in IoT

Dr. Jan Carlo Barca

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Anastasia Globa

Associate Member

Dr. Isun A Kazerani

Associate Member

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