An intelligent Application Framework for Graphene-enabled Surface Sensing Technology in Buildings

Mediated Intelligence in Design

The project aims to develop an intelligent and user-centred framework by exploring the best use of the advanced graphene-enabled surface sensing technology in buildings.  As a novel ambient integration solution, the framework consists of five intelligent algorithm models, which are based on deep learning, image processing and Artificial Intelligence technology, for recognition of a wide range of human behaviors, movement patterns and object status on the building surface using graphene-sensing data, to allow the end-user to access and understand easily in various scenarios.

The pilot project is ongoing at MInD Research Lab (Deakin University) and in collaboration with Imagine Intelligent Materials (a Geelong based Advanced Manufacturing Company). The project focuses on providing competitive products and services for aged care through a low-cost Smart Floor (with graphene-enabled surface sensing technology) as a large scale surface motion-sensing detector and locator. Different use-case scenarios are developed and offer:

  • SPATIAL-CONTEXT awareness
  • USER awareness

The project will offer unprecedented opportunities for use in various building types and provide new experiences for users in various contexts of use. Further development for potential use in other contexts, such as smart homes, and offices/retail/factories, will be tested and expanded in the simulation environment in the MInD Lab.

Project team (Deakin):
Belinda Huang
Rui Wang
Tuba Kocaturk

Industry partner:
Imagine Intelligent Materials

This project is jointly funded by Imagine and the Innovation Connections grant of the Australian Federal Department of Business Industry and Innovation.