P-OET: Pre-Occupancy Evaluation Tool

Mediated Intelligence in Design

P-OET: Pre-Occupancy Evaluation Tool

The problem: Ideally design simulation occurs at the early or pre-design stages, which have the most potential for significant improvement in performance, cost and stake holder engagement. There is a lack of design simulation software to enable a holistic approach to decision making at the crucial early design stages.

Our solution: This project provides design simulation environments at the early feasibility stages using AR and VR technology. The IDeEA lab is developing prototype software that enables collaborative pre-occupation of designs, where real-time quantitative feedback on sustainable performance can be balanced against qualitative evaluation by stake holders.

Current state of research: The project builds from a design simulation developed for an educational context. The project is in the early stages of implementation of a full working system based on three modules: A desktop design configuration modules; a VR simulation that captures user behaviour and design preferences; and an AR simulation that collates performance and user preference data to inform decision making.

Next stage that requires funding: The software prototype development is underway and will be complete by November. Further funding required to extend this and tailor to specific client needs.

Potential industry partners: One industry partner who specializes in design visualization (Metamosaic Pty Ltd) has funded a $5k pilot study. Other potential partners include:

Property developers

Local, state and federal government

Evaluating the impact of the built environment in multiple other contexts: retail, commercial, industrial, educational, health, public transport etc.


Quantitative analysis of each design option [Solema, Energy-Plus, Grasshopper 3D, Rhino 3D]:

VR Mode / Design Exploration:

AR  Mode / Design Evaluation / Side by side comparisons:

Project Development: