Recycling construction demolition waste to manufacture sustainable bricks

Mediated Intelligence in Design

MInD Lab is one of the key research partners in a recently funded CRC-P project (January 2021) titled “Recycling construction demolition waste to manufacture sustainable bricks,” developed in collaboration between University of Melbourne, Deakin University and industry partners Sycamore Civil Group Pty Ltd, KHG Contracting Pty Ltd, Brajkovich Demolition & Salvage Pty Ltd, Sany Australia Pty Ltd, and Aboriginal Construction Specialists Pty Ltd. The project will be developed and executed between February 2021 and February 2024.

About the project: The building and construction sector in Australia produces 20.4 million tonnes of Construction Demolition Waste (CDW) per year. This accounts for 43% of Australia’s waste production; more than 35% of CDW becomes landfill. CDW is steadily growing (2% p.a.), increasingly impacting the environment and waste management nationally. This urgent problem can be addressed by developing advanced recycling and manufacturing processes that utilise CDW in high-value sustainable brick products, which will be used in large volume by the building and construction sector. This CRC-P will boost the recycling capacity of CDW, thereby reducing landfilled waste, enhancing sustainability and resource efficiency, and growing the circular construction economy.

Project Team (Deakin):
Jun Wang
Reza Hosseini
Tuba Kocaturk
Imriyas Kamardeen

External Collaborators:
Sycamore Civil Group
Melbourne University