Serious Games for Interdisciplinary Design

Mediated Intelligence in Design


The problem: There is significant potential to use video games for training and education purposes. However most commercial developers do not have the domain specific expertise in built environment modelling, nor do they embed the training modules with surveys and data analytics to enable evaluation of the effectiveness of the simulation.

Our solution: We have developed a 3D games platform that provides a high level of interactivity and embeds real time feedback on task performance. The platform also embeds short questionnaires and tracks user activity to evaluate of the effectiveness of the training.

Current state of research: A prototype has been completed intended for introducing the principles of site planning in the context of tertiary education. This prototype can be re-purposed to address industry specific training and education requirements.

Next stage that requires funding: Customization of the interface and the development of content as required for an industry or education end user. The game platform can also be re-developed as an AR or VR platform to provide alternate modes of engagement.

Potential industry partners: Any industry where the built environment modelling is important, and the task requires a mix of quantitative and qualitative decision making. Other partners might include state and federal departments who see value in using an interactive game to engage with stake holders. And of course education providers from schools to research institutes.

LOWPOLY beta 2.0 is now available for user testing. Check out the below trailer for an overview of the gameplay.

We are looking for as much feedback as possible, so if you are an architecture or engineering student DOWNLOAD HERE