Smart Surfaces in Buildings – IoT enabled material intelligence

Mediated Intelligence in Design

The project will be a pilot project to help establish a new R&D consortium between Deakin University (MInD Research Lab), Imagine Intelligent Materials (A Geelong based Advanced Manufacturing Company), and Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Medical Research group (part of Chinese Academy of Sciences).  The Imagine Company has a world leading technology to apply a graphene-based coating on any textile material which then gives sensing (temperature, pressure, moisture) capability to the material. Intelligent/Smart materials that sense and report real-time changes in pressure, temperature and humidity have been reported in a number of applications in a variety of industries however there is very limited understanding and application in Buildings. The proposed pilot project entails a proof-of-concept (PoC) application of a graphene-based sensing and signal processing technology on floor surfaces in buildings, especially with a focus of use in the “aged-care” context. 

The pilot project outputs will generate initial experimental data and insights, and a proof of concept application of this new technology, that will lead to the development of a large scale grant proposal, initially to be implemented in aged-care sector whereby all stakeholders in the aged-care sector are relevant users. With this project we aim to develop a new field of research and development expertise in the application of graphene enabled sensing/intelligent flooring systems in the building sector. This is a very new area with possible application potential in a number of different sectors and with commercialisation potential, namely: aged-care, art & culture, building operations and facility management (as well as others).