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Mediated Intelligence in Design

“A CEO that surrounds himself with smart people inevitably becomes smarter. Tuba and her team make that concept a reality for my company, which brings together materials science and signals processing to deliver real-time sensing data from large-scale surfaces. Implications for the use of the data are massive. Tuba brings a unique mix of architecture and design discipline to the conversation; it’s not just about creative destruction in the built environment, it’s about injecting a new layer of machine intelligence and AI into buildings. You can’t achieve accelerated innovation without a true partnership between academic research and business.”

“Working with MInD Lab was a great experience from start to finish and provided some most productive accomplishment for our company. MInD Lab is extremely well organized, responsive and produces excellent results. The team of MInD Lab goes above to not just fuse the right technologies to the modern-day industry but also channels with the right minds to create this intelligent ecosystem that generates innovative solutions which fit perfectly with the model of our company that is to bring people together.”

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