MInD Lab at World Science Festival 2021

Mediated Intelligence in Design

MInD Lab at World Science Festival 2021

March 25, 2021, Concert Hall QPAC, Queensland Museum

Returning to Brisbane 24 – 28 March, World Science Festival 2021 will take a fresh look at the concept of Extremes and Adaptations – what seemed like abstract ideas last year are now our everyday stark reality. How will science lead us out of our current dilemmas? What were the warning signs? What have we learned? Who are our new heroes? Now more than ever, we turn to science, technology and human curiosity to help us understand our extreme circumstances and learn how we and nature might adapt to the new reality confronting us.

The director of the MInD Lab, professor Tuba Kocaturk, will be part of the panel “CITIES 2060” which will took place on March 25 in Concert Hall QPAC, Queensland Museum. Specialists in built environment, urban design, architecture, town planning and tech come together to imagine the cities of our future. How we live, work, commute and travel. How we manage energy, waste and water. And, most importantly, how today‚Äôs science, technology and planning can contribute to a better way of life and shape the cities of the future.

You can book a ticket for the live streaming session by clicking here.